A Conversation Between The Present Age's Parker Molloy and journa.host's Adam Davidson

A video post! I chatted with Adam Davidson about journalism and coverage of LGBTQ issues.


Hello, and happy Monday to all. Cyber Monday, in fact. Today, I’m going to try something a little different: a video. (Don’t worry, videos will be an occasional feature, not a replacement for my written posts.)

Following my involvement in a minor controversy

on the journa.host Mastodon instance he co-founded, I had a chance to chat with ’s about how LGBTQ issues (specifically trans issues) get covered in the mainstream press. That conversation went so well that we decided to keep chatting — but this time, on video! If that’s of interest to you, check out the video that came with this post! Sorry that I don’t have a transcript for this (yet, at least).

But first! A quick ask:

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Where to find Adam Davidson:

Mastodon: journa.host/@adamdavidson


Twitter: twitter.com/adamdavidson

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