As usual, artifacts like the trailer merit a quick laugh at their abject absurdity before a more serious consideration of their regrettable effectiveness. What prompts a guffaw on our part is less funny when contemplating the real-world violence it promotes.

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"politics is a major avenue through which (precarious) men prove their adherence to (hegemonic) masculine norms of strength, competitiveness, and aggression"

Notice how with these folks politics is never about the actual management of the government? Start with the idea that government is a swamp, and must never, ever be called on to solve any real problems, but you must nevertheless get your people intensely interested in politics (which is, after all, about choosing who runs the government) and this is what you get.

Politics can be about store clerks saying "Happy Holidays", something the United States government has absolutely no influence over, but is can never be about providing people with health care, something the government could actually do something about.

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