Yes! This is a fantastic way to explain the issue. I don't know why people on the right are so offended by others who want to live their lives the way they wish. This whole guise that it "ruins America" is such BS. Heaven forbid someone wants to try an Impossible burger at Cracker Barrel, because that spells the end of America. They need to grow up and figure out what it means to live and let live.

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Yes. And this is why "leave abortion to the states to decide" is already becoming "let's ban abortion for the entire country."

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Aug 9, 2022·edited Aug 9, 2022

I recently looked in on The Nextdoor app (which I generally don't do because I don't want to know for sure how angry and hateful my neighbors are), and there was a post about a new county law against plastic shopping bags - the kind that are killing our planet. A few supported the move, but many had OpInIoNs about reusable bags and how the "city people" (ahem) are ruining "the country" (a DC metroplex bedroom) with our woke recycling practices. A surprising number focused on how "dirty" reusable bags are, collecting food juices and breeding e coli. Somehow it didn't occur to them that 1) reusable bags are washable, or at least wipe-able; 2) plastic bags kill the wildlife and trash up the country roadsides they so value; and 3) even if my reusable bag is filthy inside, it doesn't affect them AT ALL. My groceries go in, I bring them home, and I store them and all their ride-along germs, in my house. If I end up with the trots after dinner, no one suffers but me. But boy, do those folks get ANGRY about the "transplants" coming into their county with our nasty urban grocery bags... It's almost like it's not about the bags at all.

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There's a real divide there, between people for whom "politics" just means "Having opinions about stuff" and the people who really need politics to be about something real, actually responding to problems, from climate change to the cost of insulin. Possibly a sign of privilege (or maybe just obliviousness) that your neighbors have the luxury of treating politics like high school Debate Club, where it's just about scoring points, no need to ever come to a resolution about anything, it's not like we were ever going to DO anything about anything.

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One of the ironic things about the anti-woke squad is that although they claim to be “conservative” they also profoundly anti-capitalist.

As you note the only reason Cracker Barrel is offering a plant based menu item is to increase profits by meeting a demand. Pure capitalism.

Anti-wokers have a hard time with both personal freedom and the free market.

A commenter on “another” Substack was raging about the fact that some real estate agents were referring to the “master” bedroom in a house as the “main” bedroom. It was horrible wokeness or abuse of English or something like that.

I pointed out that he probably hadn’t heard that large numbers of women are now buying homes -- apparently without the advice and approval of men. So real estate agents -- whose only concern is to sell houses and get rich -- want to cater to their clientele. The ones who pay them money. Not angry male Substack commenters.

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But try and see it from the Republicans' point of view: To stay in business, you've got to get millions of people intensely interested in politics, and yet your conservative ideology forbids you from offering them a single policy that might improve their lives (because doing so would suggest government is a useful tool for improving people's lives, and that thought is verboten.) What else can you come up with that will motivate people to get to the polls except culture-war bullshit?

It's all so unfair, the Democrats can just promise people health care and a climate change jobs program and a child tax credit, and the poor Republicans are left trying to build a constituency out of anger about people saying "Happy Holidays." No wonder they need Gerrymandering and the Electoral College just to stay competitive.

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