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I do like the sound of Freedom Roulette, though.

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I'm glad you included the Eric Swalwell article. Lest we think this jingoism and rage against Russia is purely a matter of party affiliation, Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are susceptible.

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Mar 8, 2022·edited Mar 8, 2022

I agree, we need to learn lessons from previous war failings.

Joe Biden needs to start by making sure all American's are out of Afghanistan, he promised they would all be gotten out but some are still there.

Biden then needs to order a stop on the purchase of Russian oil. Listen to what the Ukraine people say about the weak sanctions so far from America.

The Biden administration let the Afghan people down when they pulled the soldiers out and left them behind to the mercy of the Taliban, now the Biden administration is letting the people of Ukraine down, so they can appease the net zero agenda activists.

Save the planet? People are dying right now, wake up ffs!

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Hi Parker,

Mmmm freedom fries, sounds lovely.



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I would imagine that most Russians over here are like my next-door neighbors -- they emigrated to get away from communist rule and the oppressive way the government there deals with everything. Why anyone would then target folks _who specifically chose to leave Russia_ is beyond me... pure and simple ignorance and bigotry...

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I wonder if this is common in other countries. I bet it is. There's the renaming of the British royal family to the "House of Windsor," of course, but I'd love to hear about dumb trivial stuff from, like Japan or France or something.

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I find it interesting how your criticisms always seemed to be aimed at Republicans. While it's true that fake conservatives like Liz Cheney can never seem to get enough war in her life I don't think it's a balanced argument to always leave out the Democrats. Also let's not forget how the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and co spent 4 years appearing on TV to tell us Putin and Russia had interfered in a Presidential election, this must have angered Russia. Recently Biden appearing on CNN goading Putin before the invasion of Ukraine, calling him a killer. Then when Putin started to assemble troops to invade Ukraine, Biden's sanctions were quite frankly pathetic as a deterrent, while continuing to buy Russian oil (essentially helping to fund the invasion). What's Kamala Harris doing to help, by the way? Joining civil rights leaders in Selma? You give all these people a pass. It's so ironic how the left smeared Donald Trump and said he would take America into war, but he was one of the only American Presidents in recent times that didn't take America into war. The left never apologises when their accusations turn out to be malicious and false though do they, they just move straight on to the new smears because they know the punishment is the investigation, and the swamp can destroy anyone they feel like.

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