I appreciate you writing this, even though i know it must be exhausting. Having facts and arguments all laid out in a much more coherent fashion then I could manage makes it easier to share with people like my mom. She is open and happy about doing the right thing, but I know she feels nervous about standing up to her peer group if someone goes all Rowling.

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The thing that gets me about all this anti-trans fervor is that it takes so much time and energy all in the service of cruelty to others. I just can't relate to that level of callous disregard for people, but obviously, it exists.

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I love this piece. I agree with all of it. As you state, it's a very nuanced topic, with details making all the difference.

So, as such, I would rather put political focus - advocacy focus - on gender-affirming care, especially as it pertains to minor children. I've said before that I would love for the State of Texas to try to sue me for child abuse pertaining to my (trans) daughter. There are two problems with that - I don't live in Texas, and she didn't transition until she was 19.

Nevertheless, I think this is a good opportunity for trans people and their parents to tell their story. The notion of "a genetically engineered army of super women" depends on thinking that anyone can transition and be happy with the result. Which is false. Most of us - the cis ones - would be miserable, every bit as miserable a trans person is before transition. This is the message that we need to get out. It isn't a whim, or a lark, or an ideology, even. It's something that's a bit mysterious to many, it's quite real.

This isn't, and can't be, a mandate to trans people and/or their parents. It's an invitation. It's an opportunity, and I hope to inspire some to take that opportunity. As best I can, I'll have your back.

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