The reason these people and Chaya Raichik etc. can't do interviews like this is because the unscripted question-and-answer format is completely outside of their skill set. They need either the lecture format (them with a podium) or the softball format (interviewer feeds them prompts for their own talking points).

It's a little miracle whenever one of them gets bold enough to do this because most of these types will never go near it. You'll never see, for example, Donald Trump or Elon Musk do any kind of interview that isn't a softball with a friendly interviewer. The MFLs and Raichiks and sometimes Jordan Petersons of the world will occasionally let their ego overwhelm their sense to the point that they think they can tackle a real interview, but when they inevitably (and immediately) wind up getting a difficult question they can't answer they just get angry thinking the interviewer is pulling some kind of unfair trickery or witchcraft on them.

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Good point, they live in a right-wing bubble world of approval and fanatical head-nodding, this is what happens when they venture into the normal world the rest of us inhabit.

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Such a disappointment, that "War on Woke." I remember how excited they all were when Glenn Youngkin won (turns out maybe Terry McAuliffe was just a really bad candidate?). They were sure they had the magic formula to turn suburban moms back into Republicans, this was gonna be BIG, sweep the country, Steve Bannon talked about "taking over every school board" with a pre-packaged mix of woke-hatin'.

And then it just fizzled. Disappointing results in the midterms, 70% of Moms For Liberty endorsed candidates lost their school board races and the Loudon County school board (which was supposed to be some sort of national bellwether) switched back to Democratic control with the next election. I hesitate to include Ron DeSantis failed Presidential bid in this list of examples, because his failure might simply be due to the fact that he is a truly repulsive human being, but being Mr. Anti-Woke sure didn't do him much good, did it?

Something to remember the next time they try to gin up the next moral panic, the public doesn't always buy their bullshit.

And none of this is intended to minimize the harm done along the way. Nex Benedict is dead, even though the fear-mongering that led to their brutal beating and death didn't win so many elections for the monsters who promoted it.

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Okay, very random question... what office chair do you use? You mentioned in Sara Benicasa's news letter over the weekend that having a very good one is important to your success in working from home, and I have had a string of crappy ones, so I was just curious. Thanks!

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