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I loved every minute of this. Was listening to hear about process--how does one go from the "boring" message that has to be delivered to "the quarantine fox is sad you're not vaccinated?" I wonder if I'm asking the right questions when trying to promote my content. I'm pretty sure I'm not b/c I'm not entirely sure what those questions are. I feel like concepts like "target audience" can sometimes mislead. "What works" sounds so much stronger and brings one to examples that can be imitated and expanded upon.

Loved how much knowledge Joe Galbo demonstrated of what other government accounts were doing. It's really striking and rare to hear that kind of professionalism--a professional who knows his colleagues and their efforts, and builds a strategy with an idea of what else could be done.

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Thanks for listening! And yeah, I was really excited to interview him for this as I've been a fan of that account for years. I think the big takeaway is that when it comes to something like social media, everything's kind of a moving target. What works today might not work next week, and so on. I'm just completely fascinated with the journey he's had with that account so far.

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Yeah, this is a good conversation to have. I notice you're promoting "The Present Age" in some cool ways--almost like "teaser trailers" on Twitter, a separate twitter account for the newsletter, unique graphics.

I'm thinking of the ways in which I'm trying to get my message out. I joined a philosophy forum, found that talking about fundamentals with them would be useful, tailored my content to that. It's a strategy, but I can see why it's hit-or-miss. It's already could be a bit too complicated ("you think you need to know about 13th century medieval metaphysics, but what you really need is a study of pseudoscience in the 15th century"). I need to think simpler (in an age where a crazy guy who's made a fortune selling pillows is perilously close to overthrowing the gov't).

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