I can’t imagine they haven’t figured out that Trump relies on their desire to “stay on track.”

As for the rest of Trump’s belchings, I mean, he’s been saying the same five or so things for years. There’s no excuse not to be ready.

And asking Trump whether he’d direct the Fed to lower interest rates is completely LOL. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t care. If he’s president again he’s going to spend four years telling Attorney General Michael Flynn who to put in jail and selling secrets to Putin and MBS to pay off his massive debts.

It’s a euphemism to even say he’s “running for president”--he’s running for president the same way a burglar checks whether your door is unlocked before he breaks in. And asking him about interest rates is like asking the burglar what they’re going to do with your money. The only reason to ask is to report that “in response he went on a bizarre rant about persecution by Chase Bank.”

Sorry this is so long but FFS.

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I'd say the only correct way to interview Trump is DON'T, but I guess people gotta get paid, which means clicks must be clicked, and so this is what we get.

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Another great aricle. I'm also glad to see you've been getting attention from some national people like Emptywheel and others so more people will see your always excellent work.

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