What are some of your favorite Substacks?

For all its faults (and there are many, which I’ve touched on before), there really is a lot of — dare I say — good content on Substack. That’s not to say that it outweighs the bad, necessarily, but the platform is structured in such a way that you’re not being force-fed content you don’t want via some weird algorithm.

I read a bunch of Substacks for a variety of reasons. Some have a really creative premise (see: Walk It Off), some have the kind of reader engagement I could only dream of (see: Popular Information), and some are just so extremely well-written (see: Galaxy Brain) that I feel the need to share them with everyone I see. I figure that the bad Substacks get enough attention, so below I’ve listed 17 of my favorites.

But my question for you, dear reader: What are some of your favorite Substacks? Drop a link in the comments and/or plug your own!

Anand Giridharadas’ The Ink:

Does the climate movement need a makeover?
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Ashley Feinberg’s Trashberg:

Someone's gotta stop giving Lena Dunham pets
Other than her hit show Girls, there are two things Lena Dunham is most known for, at least as far as I’m concerned: apologizing and collecting and breaking pets like so many Precious Moments figurines. In fact, she was able to combine both of those passions back in 2017 when the world…
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Charlie Warzel’s Galaxy Brain:

Galaxy Brain
Work From Borg
Welcome to Galaxy Brain — a newsletter from Charlie Warzel about technology and culture and big headed avatars. You can read what this is all about here. If you like what you see, consider forwarding it to a friend or two. You can also click the button below to subscribe…
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Judd Legum’s Popular Information:

Popular Information
Where are the anti-war voices?
Yesterday's newsletter detailed how the media is largely overlooking voices that supported Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. Instead media reports are almost exclusively highlighting criticism of the withdrawal — often from people complicit in two decades of failed policy in Afghanistan…
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Dan Pfeiffer’s The Message Box:

The Message Box
Why Dems Have to Win the CA Recall
If you were sick and tired of high-stakes elections against Trumpists, I have some bad news for you. On September 14th, Californians will decide whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled. For California residents like me (and many of you), this is a big deal that will directly impact our lives. But the election will have far-reaching implications…
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Teddy Wilson’s Radical Reports:

Radical Reports
Intelligence Dispatch: White Supremacist Propaganda Spreads from Virginia to Oregon
This week on Radical Reports: White supremacists propaganda associated with the Patriot Front, a Texas-based white supremacist group, has been identified in by social media users in locations across the United States—from Williamsburg, Virginia to Portland, Oregon…
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Emily Atkin’s HEATED:

"What can I do?" Anything.
A man stands in the center of the town of Khairpur Nathan Shah, Pakistan, which had been totally submerged by floodwaters. Pakistan is the fifth most climate-vulnerable country in the world, and has been experiencing catastrophic climate impacts for many, many years. Photo by Gideon Mendel For Action Aid/ In Pictures/Corbis via Getty Images…
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David Roberts’ Volts:

West Virginia needs the Biden energy agenda
Listen now (12 min) | As we speak, Democrats in Congress are hashing out the details of the budget reconciliation bill that will contain the vast bulk of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda. It is meant to be passed alongside the recent bipartisan infrastructure package…
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Isaac Fitzgerald’s Walk It Off:

Walk It Off
A Walk Between Two Poutines with Scaachi Koul
“Can’t you see how homesick I am? It’s embarrassing.” Scaachi Koul and I are eating poutine at Pomme Frites in Greenwich Village. The dish is “a bit peppery” and Scaachi is worried about “the viscosity of the gravy,” but overall it’s “fine” and “is actually poutine…
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Luke O’Neil’s Welcome to Hell World:

Welcome to Hell World
Show me the oldest t-shirt you own
I hope you like looking at and reading about t-shirts buddy because holy shit there are a lot of t-shirts in here. I was wearing my almost twenty five year old Oasis t-shirt yesterday (and also today) and although I often wear it from time to time it all of a sudden transported me back in a way that it usually doesn’t. It’s also finally at long last sta…
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Kate Lindsay and Nick Catucci’s Embedded:

The internet’s NSFW summer
Embedded is your essential guide to what’s good on the internet, from Kate Lindsay and Nick Catucci.🧩 Our free weekday posts are made possible by paying subscribers, who also get exclusive access to our Saturday deep-dives into living better online…
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Rusty Foster’s Today in Tabs:

Today in Tabs
Welcome to the Information Realm
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE INFORMATION REALM IS” wrote editor Charlie Warzel to writer Charlie Warzel, who eventually replaced the greatest phrase he ever created with the anodyne mush: “in terms of how news is traveling online…
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Christopher Ingraham’s The Why Axis:

The Why Axis
Data doesn't have to be mean
It is Monday, August 23rd, a scant 100 days until the start of meteorological winter, and I am back from my journey to the wilds of upstate New York. I logged on to Twitter this weekend to find a lot of people mad about a CNBC story claiming that millennials “have an average of $51,300 in personal savings and $63,300 in their retirement acco…
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Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s Lucid:

When the Right Turns the Military into an Authoritarian Tool
“[The] parameter of action is exceedingly narrow and available options are quite limited,” the CIA Santiago station chief complained to his Washington D.C. bosses in 1970. The Chilean army’s dedication to the rule of law and the Constitution made it difficult to create support for the idea of overthrowing Socialist President Salvador Allende, who had be…
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Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters from an American:

Letters from an American
August 23, 2021
Today, the Food and Drug Administration gave full and final approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, which had previously been in use under an emergency authorization. The FDA approved the vaccine for people 16 and older. It has not yet been fully approved for people aged 12 to 15; for them it is still under an emergency authorization…
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Spencer Ackerman’s Forever Wars:

Forever Wars
Biden Won't Free The Last Two Afghans at Guantanamo Bay
Edited by Sam Thielman…
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Jeet Heer’s The Time of Monsters:

The Time of Monsters
Podcast: What Happened to Naomi Wolf?
Listen now (41 min) | On June 4 of this year, Naomi Wolf tweeted: “It seems urgent for public health to separate vaccinated people's urine/feces from general sewage supplies / waterways till studies are done of how MRNA in sewage [and] drinking water will affect [us] all…
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