A note on paywalls. I checked and had NO cookies from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Still, when I clicked on your link I was told "you have read your limit of free articles." So I presume the limit of free articles is zero.

But there is more than one way to skin a...banana? (Sorry just watched Colbert on the NRA speech). I went to my public library site, which has great databases of newspaper stories. There was, guess what, the story as right there, first hit under "will bunch." Keep this in mind if you hit a paywall for a story you really want to read. Guilt free, btw--presumably these data bases do whatever it takes to comply with copyright laws.

Just hope your library isn't one that thinks the Philadelphia Inquirer isn't fit for children so it cordons off content for adults, too.

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I know there must have been people in 1930's Germany who asked the same question, but is there ever such a thing as "too far"? Abbot hasn't been appointed Chancellor for Life, he's an elected official, the voters could get rid of him and his whole crazy party at some point, right?

And I know "Turn Texas Blue!" was a decades-premature fantasy, based on the false notion that Hispanics just automatically vote for Democrats, but still, how long can Republicans get away with acting like the only people who matter are the 30% of eligible voters who are members of the Fascist Death Cult? Do the other 70% never get tired of being ruled by lunatics?

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As we say in Texas: "The tree should have finished the job"

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