Plus the commentary on CNN from a USA Today “reporter” that having a Nazi speak at a Trump rally is just a matter of “optics!”

One thing that keeps me dispirited about government/politics/existence is the lack of consequences for lying. NYC actually imposed some, and here CNN is actively taking steps to undo it. That should absolutely not be what any journalistic organization does, ever.

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Parker, do you have an article about what's going on with Malone and Licht and CNN moving from "right-leaning" to "FOX News re-skinned" right? Looking for something to forward to relatives who are in their eighties and mainline CNN all day (ugh). I have your Dame magazine article, but they won't read through all of it, and they tend to roll their eyes at me ever since I called out various guests and anchors for grifting...

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Clearly CNN has decided which way the wind blows and that to the right.

I’m the other hand, I don’t know quite what to make of public lying like Miller’s testimony.

Today it’s almost commonplace to lie about the most obvious things even when there’s considerable evidence you are lying and any number of people will call you out for it.

Back in the old days -- the 20th Century-- politicians, public figures and PR flacks could go on TV and say anything. Before Google, TiVo and Jon Stewart they knew their words would be taped over and never heard again -- essentially consigned to fading recollections.

It’s almost as if people like Miller live in a pre-internet era of “its my word against your memory.”

But of course he and others like him know they’re lying and that reporters can cite evidence he is lying, but it doesn’t matter. Because there are no consequences. And that’s the really disturbing part.

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