Sitemap - 2023 - The Present Age

Grand Theft Outrage

The ugly origins of the "War on Christmas"

YouTube Plagiarism and Generation Loss

Henry Kissinger and the Debate over "Speaking Ill of the Dead"

A Preview of My 2024 Media Prediction

The Richest Man in the World Sued My Former Employer

you have literally one job

This Thanksgiving, Reject Hate

On War and Speech

The Problem With "Just Raising Questions" About War Reporting

As Journalists Lose Jobs, Right-Wing Social Media Accounts Mockingly Say "Learn to Code"... Again.

8 Writers on Taylor Swift and the State of Music Journalism

Watch Steve Scalise Squirm While Being Asked About the 2020 Election

Statements, Statements Everywhere

"What scares me the most": Jared Yates Sexton on when history repeats itself 🎃

Another War-Related Headline Conundrum

The New York Times Needs to Do Something About Its Headlines

There's Too Much Knowledge!

After 9/11, Fear Won. Let's Not Repeat That Mistake.

What Major League Baseball Can Teach Us About Access Journalism

Dear Coach's Corner

The Perverse Incentives of Elon Musk's Version of "Citizen Journalism"

"The Body Politic Keeps The Score": Ana Marie Cox on Collective Trauma

Banned Books Week is More Necessary Than Ever

Newspaper Columnists Owe Readers Better Than Trolling

The "Cancel Culture" Headline That Broke My Brain

There's Only One Way to Interview Donald Trump

Parents of Trans Kids Urge the U.S. Senate to Reject the So-Called Kids Online Safety Act

What's Up with the Washington Post's Story About Susanna Gibson?

There's a Lot of "Is Biden Too Old?" Coverage. Nate Silver Wants There to Be Even More.

Social Media Social Etiquette

Get schooled: Some of our favorite journalism on education

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Give Me a Reason to Write, "The News Media is Doing a Great Job About Informing Americans About the State of Their Country!" And I Will

Our Homelander Moment, Our Homelander World

The Continuing Electoral History of Transphobia

Local Police Raided a Kansas Newspaper. I've Got Questions.

Tiffany Gomas, a.k.a. "Crazy Plane Lady," Didn't Owe the Public an Apology

What We Can Learn From the Lil Tay Media Faceplant

HuffPost's Story on Rising Right-Wing Star Richard Hanania is Really About Culture Rot

Welcome to Depth Perception

Another Scorcher

Everything Sucks Club: A Lesson On Early American Folk Art & Craft

Transphobia and Right-Wing Paranoia Are a Dangerous Mix

Congress is About to Pass a Very Bad Internet Bill. Here's How You Can Stop It.

'Barbenheimer' Takes on the Online Rage Machine and Wins

Google's Torment Nexus, Branding, and Better Headlines

Bad Headlines Made Better

Are the Brands OK?

Vaporware King Elon Musk's xAI is Basically Just a 2023 Version of Microsoft's Tay

Vaporware King Elon Musk's xAI is Basically Just a 2023 Version of Microsoft's Tay

Against the "Eat Your Vegetables" Approach to Timeline Curation

What Exactly is Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) Suggesting Here?

David Zaslav and the Separation of Church and State

You (Yes, You) Should Start a Mailing List

Bud Light Threw Dylan Mulvaney Under the Bus and the New York Times Offers a Novel Student Debt Relief Strategy

Fall Out Boy Didn't Start the Fire, Jesse Watters Takes Tucker Carlson's Slot, CNN Has a Weird RFK Jr. Video

Being queer doesn't stop when the parade does.

Who Asked You, Lance Armstrong?

This Week's Posts, The Submersible Implosion, Elon Musk Really Hates Trans People, and New Music From Portugal. The Man

No, Kids Aren't "Identifying as Cats" in the U.K., Either.

You Really Can't "Debate" Your Way to Truth

"They're coming for every second of your life."

They Miss Trump so Much and Will Do Anything to Get Him Back

The Anti-Trans Moral Panic Has Reached "Bear Patrol" Levels of Absurdity

New York City Goes Sepia-Toned, Fox News Tells Viewers to Breathe the Poisonous Air Anyway

The Present Age Turns Two!

'Meet the Press' Chucks Todd; Is CNN Preparing for Licht-Off?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: The Film That Almost Wasn't (But Thankfully, Was)

Caving to Violent Right-Wing Threats Will Only Make Things Worse

The Nib is Shutting Down, But It Had One Hell of a Run

Brands Need to Make Decisions About LGBTQ Pride Marketing Right Now, Not When the Right Has a Predictable Meltdown

How The "Narrative" Gets Made

I Think You're Confusing 'The Good Samaritan' With The Punisher

The Head of CNN Thinks It's Journalism's Job to "Make News." That's a Problem.

As The Press Humanizes Elizabeth Holmes, It Shrugs Off the Jordan Neelys of the World

A WaPo Poll Found That Significant Majorities Support Pro-Trans Policies, But Reported The Exact Opposite

On The TV Writers Strike, Don't Fall For The Anti-Union Media Push... Again

Keeping People In A Constant State Of Fear Makes The World A Violent Place

Fear Of Right-Wing Outrage Makes Us All Worse Off

Calling It Now: Elon Musk's Micropayments Gambit Will Flop Big Time

It's The End Of The Social Media Era Of Journalism As We Know It

My Prediction For The Post-Tucker Carlson Fox News (And The Post-Fox News Tucker Carlson)

It's My Birthday, Which Means It's A Great Day To Upgrade Your TPA Subscription

What Now For Media?

Twitter Just Got Worse For Trans People, But It's Always Been Pretty Bad

When All You Have Is An Unhealthy Obsession With Trans People (And A Newspaper Column)...

A Tale Of Two Television Interviews

As NPR Exits, It Becomes Increasingly Clear That Elon Musk Doesn't Understand Twitter

Substack's "Notes" Is Here! What Is It?

"Likes Are Now Florps"

No, Gay and Lesbian Children are Not Being “Transed” to Appease Homophobic Parents

My Very Super Serious Analysis of the Media Coverage of Donald Trump's Arrest

I Hope You Find Your Baseball

Reader Mailbag: Disney and Capitalism

Blame Capitalism, Not "Wokeness," For Changes to Agatha Christie's Books

Fake "Trump Arrest" Photos Are A Sneak Preview of the AI-Generated Chaos to Come

Where Are They Now?: The Pundits Who Got Iraq Wrong

Another News Outlet Throws An Employee Under The Bus After Right-Wing Outrage

Why The Media Guys Who Obsess Over Trans Issues Won't Tell Us What They Actually Believe

"The Card Says 'Moops'": A Guide to Right-Wing Discourse

On the Right's Call to "Eradicate Transgenderism" (It Means Exactly What You Think It Means)

An Overlooked Detail in the Scott Adams and Dilbert Story

The Secret Of Our Sauce (Is Not Fact-Checking)

Oh No, It's Happening Again

Your Chatbot Isn't Your New Best Friend (And Never Will Be)

Why I Signed the NYT Letter (And You Should, Too)

Readers, Please Help Me Understand What This Graphic Means

Free Speech Enthusiast Matt Yglesias Refers to Book Bans as "Identity Politics for Librarians"

The Ad for Google's New AI Chatbot is a Reminder Not to Believe Everything You See Online

Republicans Take a Cue From Corncob TV and 'Coffin Flop'

Conspiracy Theories, Panic, the Lust for Conflict, and Other Stories of the Week.

Paul Pelosi and the Right's Problem with Conspiracy Theories

M&M's, 'Wokeness', Facial Recognition, and Other Stories of the Week.

The Word of the Week: 'Enshittification'

Right-Wing Rage About 'Wokeness' at Candy Company Known for Using Child Labor Gets Results!

Weekly Recap and a Request for Reader Suggestions

When It Comes to Twitter, Mainstream News Outlets Should Take a Cue From Fox News. Seriously.

"Joker" Writer Poked Fun at Fox News Freakout, I Talked About It on TV; Plus Some Bonus Batman Content

Newspaper Prints Heavily-Edited, Sanitized Version of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech

This Fox News Segment Perfectly Illustrates How Off-The-Rails The Right-Wing Anti-Trans Attacks Have Become

Flooding The Zone With Narrative

The New York Times Declares War on LGBTQ People With Hire of Anti-Trans Columnist

Check Out Rep. George Santos On His First Day Of Congress Looking Like A Total Sad Sack!

What's Up With The New Yorker's Weird "Masks Forever" Article?