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Trying to Keep Up With the Protests Happening at Columbia University? Check Out the Student Newspaper.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Wants to Ban Trans Teachers. There's a Long History Here.

Post News, The Little Social Media Site That Couldn't, Calls It Quits

Google's AI-Generated Search Results Are Coming — and They're Horrible

Why Disillusionment With the Publishing Industry Isn't Stopping Maris Kreizman From Starting a Book-Centric Newsletter

3 Smart Responses to the Mess at NPR

On the So-Called Cass Review

A Conversation with Siva Vaidhyanathan About "The Anxious Generation"

Friday Round-Up of Reads and Listens

News Orgs Botch Trump's Statement on Abortion By Leaving Important Context Out of Headlines

Total Eclipse of the Conspiracy Theorist

Twitter's Trending Page is Just Making Things Up Now

Your Wednesday Reading List

On SNL, Ramy Youssef Set a Great Example

An Anti-Trans Easter

A Newspaper Editor's Brilliant Take on How to Cover Donald Trump

For the Past Year, WSJ Journalist Evan Gershkovich Has Been Unjustly Detained in Russia

New Study Finds NYT Fails to Quote Trans People in 66% of Stories About Anti-Trans Bills

That Was Fast: Ronna McDaniel Reportedly Out at NBC News.

Twitter's Tumble

4 Thoughts on NBC News Hiring Former RNC Head Ronna McDaniel

Ana Marie Cox and Her Affirming Writers Workshop

3 Smart Takes on Trump's "Bloodbath" Comment and Context

Having a Bit of Fun Playing Video Games

Coming Down from 'Me Mountain'

ICYMI: The Present Age Weekly Recap, 3/15/24

3 Smart Takes on the TikTok-alypse

Space Camp and The X-Men-ification of Trans People

Rocker Rhett Miller Talks New Music and Starting a Newsletter

It Matters That Mainstream Media Missed Katie Britt's Lie

'Moms for Liberty' Blasted on 60 Minutes Over Book Bans

The Present Age Weekly Recap: March 8, 2024

Ben Lee and Ione Skye Are Bringing You Indie Rock Breakfast Radio

Trump's Extremism Can't Just Be a Footnote

What, Exactly, Is the "Biden is Old" Story Supposed to Be, Anyway?

Hello! All 50,000 of You! Hello!

3 Reading Recommendations: Mehdi Hasan, Matt Pearce, and Brian Merchant

I Think Taylor Lorenz Was Right to Interview Libs of TikTok, and Here's Why

Get to Know "Art But Make It Sports"

Journalist Timothy Burke was Indicted for the Crime of... Journalism

This NYT Headline About Student Loan Forgiveness is an Exercise in the Paper's Absurdity

Understanding the Tragic Death of Nex Benedict

Let's Talk About Stochastic Terrorism

What to Make of OpenAI's New Text-to-Video Technology

Krista Burton Has Some Very Specific Perfume Recommendations

The Banality of Evil and Thoughts on Meta Ditching Politics

A Second Trump Term Would Be Hell for LGBTQ People

In Lighter News, How About That Nickelodeon Super Bowl Broadcast?

What's Up With The New York Times?

Non-Activists Getting Called Activists and More Stories From the Week

Is There a Name For This Kind of Lie? Because We Need a Name For This Kind of Lie.

Context is For Trying to Understand Reality, Not Winning Arguments. That's the Problem.

W. Kamau Bell Wants to Talk to The People Who Want to Hear From Him

CNN Just Doesn't Get It

The Messenger's Shut-Down and Cruelty Capitalism

Everyone Please Be Less Weird About Taylor Swift. Please.

This Tinkerbell Job

WTF is Happening in Journalism This Week?

My Fantasy Football League Taught Me to Worry About AI-Generated Journalism's Potential

I Knew the DeSantis Campaign Reminded Me of Something...

The Anti-Trans Crusade Was Supposed to Make DeSantis President. What Happens Now That He’s Gone?

Is Sports Illustrated a Zombie?

Put a Fork in Pitchfork?

Godspeed, Baltimore Sun

We Really Don't Have to "Understand" Trump Voters Anymore

Is Elon Musk Incapable of Understanding This Simple 2018 Viral News Story?

Don't Believe Everything You See Online

A Simple Test to Determine if You're Too Online

Elon Musk Just Suspended Him From Twitter. Here’s Why He's Not Going Anywhere.

Excited for Tomorrow's Newsletter, Featuring a Guest Contributor

Google Gripes

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan Signs Off

This is How The New York Times Does Activism

Even Without the Assault on the Capitol, It Was Still a Coup

"Edgy" Comedians Selling a Conservative Status Quo as Rebellion

Art is Anything You Can Get Away With